Emotional retail marketing, or how to become a top-of-mind brand

Did you know that 90% of customer purchase decisions are taken unconsciously? There are three basic aspects to any consumer decision-making process: rational, emotional and instinctive, with the subconcious mind being responsible for making most of the decisions. Making a concerted effort to stimulate emotions at the point of sale is a key part of emotional marketing.

      Emotional retail marketing to create brands that make people happier. 

The effectiveness of retail marketing initiatives is closely related to consumer knowledge and to building a solid, lasting relationship.   And this is where emotional marketing comes into play, by offering sales strategies that focus on the customer’s emotions, with the aim of creating points of sale that make people happier and strengthen their empathy with the brand.


Strategies designed to introduce emotional experiences into the POS

Customers’ preferences are not only based on the rational benefits and functions of a product or service – they are even more dependent on the emotions and experiences involved.   The aim is to make every customer sale an experience full of emotions.

Customers might forget what you say or do, but not how you make them feel.

 Although they are unaware of it, customers are placing more and more importance on pleasurable experiences at the point of sale. This makes it essential to create unique settings and experiences if you want to become a top-of-mind brand.   To achieve this, it is important to bear in mind all the tones reflected at the POS, be they positive or negative inputs. Although these will probably not be processed consciously, they will be reproduced in the mind of the customer and leave behind a pleasant memory.

  • Personalised shopping experience

Knowing how to leverage Big Data through POS technology, and gaining knowledge of customers through neuromarketing, will allow you to create human retail marketing strategies that keep your customers coming back.

The ability to obtain specific, valuable customer information is essential for offering personalised promotions, messages, recommendations and experiences to each customer segment through the right channel, based on the characteristics of each consumer.

  • Experiential communication

One of the techniques that makes it possible to improve customer engagement and gives a massive boost to creativity, playful interaction and humour at the point of sale is experiential communication.

In this regard, it is important to carefully design the shop’s exterior elements and display windows, implement neuromarketing inputs when defining the layout, choose the right colours, material and furniture, as well as prices, strategic lighting, smell, music, etc. All with the aim of attracting, fascinating and retaining customers, and creating a unique customer service strategy to win people over.

Become a unique brand by strengthening experiential marketing strategies and creativity.

The key to experiential marketing lies in attracting, retaining, fascinating and winning over potential customers, with a customer-focused strategy that aims to create real emotional bonds between the consumer and the brand.  Everyone is capable of feeling the same emotions, and our ability to turn these emotions into positive feelings is a powerful tool for creating customer loyalty. So let’s work on strengthening this tool!

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