Sustainable Retail Marketing, Customer-Centric and New Technologies at EuroShop 2023

Evvo Retail has participated in one of the most prestigious fairs in the retail sector, EuroShop 2023. Keeping up with the latest trends in retail marketing allows us to continue offering solutions of the future, at the forefront of new strategies at the point of sale.

A customer-centric vision, sustainability and phygital experiences, key trends in retail marketing.

The trends exhibited at EuroShop 2023 were focused on the well-being of both people and the planet. In order to address this approach, new technologies are proposed that place the user and the environment at the centre of the strategy.

This awareness, that goes beyond the brand itself, leads companies to a metamorphic process that consists of reinventing the business model, in order to survive in a society where traditional marketing no longer has a place.

Sustainability, organic spaces and energy saving

In this new paradigm, the aspects related to ecology, innovation and sustainability are very present, together with the personalisation of the purchase experience, which brings some humanity to an industrial sector of daily recurrence.

The new retail demands organic organizations, which interact with the environment, and open to change and innovation. This is why, in the field of interior design, the use of wood and warm materials is returning, which bring pleasant sensations to the space and bring it closer to the user. Commercial spaces have ceased to be impersonal spaces, to become friendly and familiar environments.

Recycled or plant-derived materials such as conglomerates of coffee grounds, lavender or pressed seaweed appear to be applied in coatings or as constructive solutions, emphasizing respect for the environment and, ultimately, the survival of brands . At the same time, light metal structures, such as mesh, coexist with noble materials that bring us closer to the warmth that the user is looking for, while generating an important visual impact.

Sustainability and energy saving are two key trends that have long been here to stay, and which, consciously or unconsciously, interfere with the ethical and moral values ​​of the consumer himself, making him a participant in creating a better world .

New technologies for phygital and customer-centric experiences

With the same objective of achieving pleasant spaces, generating customer-centric experiences becomes essential. In this aspect, technology plays a fundamental role and is key for commercial environments in the coming years. One of the aspects to be addressed through technology is the optimization of points of sale, both the time during the purchase process and resources through strict stock control. The new technology is no longer a cold and distant tool, but the new technology requires a human and warm point that contributes to personalization and to serve the user better than he expects. Technology has become a support tool that brings us closer to the user and their lifestyle, and integrating it with an interior design strategy based on warm materials and carefully chosen colours will make it part of the brand. Some examples of new technologies at the point of sale are self-checkouts, smart trolleys, smart baskets, sensors to study the customer journey, sensors to monitor stock, etc.

*Image from the official Euroshop 2023 magazine, with the cover photo of the Sunka supermarket designed by the Evvo Retail team