Evvo Retail forma part de la nova estrategia retail de Sunka, el cor de Plusfresc

The innovative Sunka supermarket, from Plusfresc. A concept and form exercise

20 years ago, Plusfresc embarked on the Sunka adventure, a new supermarket concept that soon became a benchmark in the food distribution sector. Two decades later, at Evvo Retail we have worked with the company in order to maintain Sunka’s innovative and avant-garde essence, through a retail marketing strategy that achieves a (r)evolution of its point of sale.

We worked on Sunka’s retail marketing strategy, a new, innovative and iconic Plusfresc Supermarket concept.

The basis of the Sunka project was a theoretical and conceptual project, prior to its final execution, which aimed to facilitate the everyday purchases of its customers with completely innovative services and solutions in a provocative and, at the same time, contemporary space.

A step forward in the shopping experience

Over the last few years, we have worked with Plusfresc to rethink the future of the chain, as a result of the changes that are taking place in the sector and our own focus on continuous improvement. A key aspect has been the shopping experience at their points of sale, where we have placed special emphasis on the evolution of new technologies and omnichannel or “on-off” environments.

The result has been a proposal based on different capsules that are focused on new families of products, simultaneously generating specific spaces within the point of sale in order to enhance their uniqueness. To accommodate these new sections and to be able to do so in a practical way, the sales area has been expanded to 2,000 square metres, which is how large the new store will be.

At the same time, two years ago the process of conceptualising and executing the new space began. Apart from an interesting theoretical process based on previous internal studies, intense field work was carried out through visits to emblematic cities where we found not only relevant retail projects, in search of the most cutting-edge innovation, but also those artistic and architectural influences, which we thought could help us to make the project flourish. With this objective in mind, a travel plan was established that led us to visit Kiev, Cologne, Düsseldorf and by extension the Rhur basin, Florence and Paris, as well as Barcelona, Madrid and Seville at the domestic level, among other locations.


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