Marketing retail i diversitat funcional: innovació per a fer més feliços als compradors

Retail Marketing and Functional Diversity: Innovation for Happier Buyers

Two of the aspects that have marked the success of many marketing campaigns in recent times have been, on the one hand, differentiation through innovation and, on the other, customer-centric strategies.

Goal: To make our customer happier at our point of sale, and at the same time more loyal to our brand, to retain them.

You have to do it right, with honesty, and at the same time make your campaign seen. To achieve this, we’re going to share some ideas to keep in mind:

Creation of a positive and unforgettable strategy

Whether for the point of sale or for the product, sales are the result of the positive experiences of our customers.

You have to design a strategy that aims to satisfy the customer and guarantee they have a different and unique experience at our point of sale, in order to gain their loyalty and, at the same time, make them always choose us.

Personalisation of the strategy with the customer

Having a customer-centric strategy will allow us to create personalised and exclusive actions, where the user feels like they’ve been taken into account. This requires us to get to know the customer, what they lack and need.

Personalised attention isn’t only related to individual treatment, but to the feeling of exclusivity, in order to gain loyalty and at the same time generate the sensation among customers and potential customers that they will be able to find value at our point of sale.

Integrate a culture of values into the company’s DNA

It’s not enough to simply promote marketing actions, rather it is important that the culture of values be entrenched throughout the company’s DNA. This is the only way that we will consolidate the actions we carry out and won’t end up hidden behind a smoke screen.

These types of actions must integrate the entire brand and its business culture.

Evvo Retail team wishes you a happy new year!