Marketing retail ético: el compromiso con las personas y con el entorno

Ethical retail marketing: a commitment to people and the environment

The end of the year is a time to take stock of achievements and set new goals and objectives before seeing in a new year brimming with opportunities. However, for Evvo Retail, the commitment is now and always, or never; that’s why the essence of our project is ethical retail marketing, to foster people-centred companies, with values of commitment to people and the environment.
In the midst of global effort to deal with challenges such as climate change and the worrying environmental and natural resource crisis, ethical retail marketing poses a great opportunity for companies by connecting them with consumers and the environment they are part of.

Green retail: the future of retail marketing for socially responsible companies

According to a study on sustainable leadership, roughly 50% of consumers worldwide expect companies to take the lead when it comes to facing the global challenge of sustainability, as they see it as being part of their corporate social responsibility to ensure that their products are environmentally-friendly.

Through ethical retail marketing, Evvo Retail studies and analyses companies so that they become not only successful companies, but also companies with values. Through an ethical view of sales, we evaluate different alternatives to transform the principles into reality:

  • Foster green shopping
  • Create a consistent, ethical and honest point of sale environment
  • Implement the 3R rule: reduce, recycle and reuse
  • Increase the supply of ethical and local products
  • Raise awareness of a new vision committed to the planet
  • Contribute to the positive impact of encouraging changing attitudes

Evvo Retail encourages you to include ethical retail marketing in your list of resolutions for 2022.

Merry Christmas and a greener 2022!