Personalització de l’experiència de compra a través de l’omnicanalitat

Personalisation of the Shopping Experience With an Omnichannel Strategy

Placing greater value on the customer’s experience rather than the product has become one of the biggest trends in retail marketing in recent years. The customer is increasingly knowledgeable and wants to feel like they are at the heart of the company in which they place their trust, and, as such, improving the customer experience has become a differentiating element.

To do so, the omnichannel strategy has been gaining strength within the strategies used to achieve greater customer satisfaction. The objective of omnichannel strategies is to cover all possible channels of communication and interaction with the customer, establishing a 360º strategy that leads to a more fluid and ongoing relationship.

For example, in the e-commerce sector, 80% of young users make purchases via mobile devices and 30% of e-commerce users complete their purchases thanks to social networks; therefore, brands need to adapt to the different channels of their target audiences in order to allow them to choose the shopping experience they prefer.

Ideas for personalising the user shopping experience in an omnichannel environment

Control of data

Collecting quality data will help you to work on personalisation, since it will allow you to better know the customer. The more we know the user, the better segmentation we can achieve with a greater impact.

Data analysis

Collecting data without taking it into consideration or measuring it won’t do us any good. We need to analyse the information and determine which strategies we should follow based on the results.

Knowing the customer’s buying habit will allow us to establish more personalised and unique strategies.

Consumer analysis

Knowing the customer is essential when it comes to establishing personalised strategies that improve their shopping experience.

Automation through artificial intelligence is a very interesting tool for learning about the consumer.


The user wants to be treated as a unique customer, not as a number; and they also hope that the customer service they receive from the brand will be authentic, friendly and reliable.

Interaction with the customer in a human and personalised way is essential to achieving loyalty.


It’s important to determine a strategy that takes into consideration the brand’s omnichannel strategy, making all the channels consistent, unifying the messages and adapting them to each channel.

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