Experiential retail creates close ties with the customer in their daily purchases

Consumers are increasingly drawn to shops where “things happens”.  
While traditional stores still have their own audience, consumers tend to feel more attracted to points of sale where they create emotional and sentimental ties. Points of sale will achieve this goal by implementing experiential retail actions.  
This way of connecting the customer with the store has been gaining momentum ever since lockdown due to the increase in online purchasing habits, which consumers were forced to choose due to the inability to physically visit stores in person.   


Take action at the point of sale

It’s now time to go one step further and create physical actions at the point of sale for the customer to offer them memorable experiences. Experiential retail gives brands the opportunity to influence the perception their customers have of them. That place where customers will remember what they have experienced, as long as it’s been perceived as positive, allowing them to create a special bond with the brand.   

At Evvo Retail we work on the perception that your customer will have in your supermarket.

Experiential retail encompasses different factors such as the way products are displayed in a supermarket, the route the customer must follow within the establishment, the way they may interact with the products, the extra free services that provide added value, or special events, among others.   
Generating this type of experience is the way to grab the attention of consumers beyond techniques such as special deals and promotions. While the latter attracts customer on a one-time basis, the experiential experiences create a positive feeling in the customer and cause them to go back to the point of sale. Thanks to these emotions experienced in the store, the purchase decision can be subject to subjective implications while setting aside more practical aspects. 

At Evvo Retail our priority is to create sales spaces where customers can have a unique shopping experience. Contact us and we will find the best way to create this link between your business and your customer.


Supermercat Sunka. Fotografia: Anna Costa.