tienda phygital

The phygital store: the connection between online and offline environments.

In today’s world in which people live both in a physical and digital space, through their phones or computer screens, we can no longer imagine our day to day without the combination of both spaces.    

Until now, companies have also been creating their presence in the digital field given the social trend of being more connected. In this way, they have been able to connect with potential customers both in their physical and online stores.  

Now, with the new phygital store, it is no longer a question of being present physically and digitally, but rather that the user experience in the physical store is complemented in that space with the digital world and/or that the experience in the digital world is complemented with the physical store, at another time.  

Advantages of the phygital store for clients 

Consumers are increasingly creating higher expectations when it comes to their experience and the inputs they receive that make them carry out the purchase decision. This is due, in part, to the technological innovations that are introduced in this field.  

The phygital experience combines the most relevant characteristics of each of the two environments to create more complete experiences that could never take place in just one. This is due to the interaction between people and products in the physical stores together with the immediacy and agility of the purchase processes in the digital environment.    

Some phygital experiences that we can already find in some businesses include:  

  • Using the online catalogue to find out if there is a specific garment in your nearest physical store in order to complete the purchase there.  
  • In the physical store, connecting your cart with your online account and leaving without having to go to the cashier. The purchase is made digitally.  
  • Interactive touch screens in connected physical stores to add value and manage queries and other activities.  
  • Smart fitting rooms that offer additional information about the customer’s garments. 


Benefits for companies 

By including digital elements in physical stores, businesses can gather useful information about their customers. By analyzing this data, companies can better understand habits, preferences and trends in order to be able to adapt their stores and purchase processes to offer a better deal and for customers to connect better. 


At Evvo Retail we adapt our projects to the most current trends of consumers and the market with the condition of offering experiences that are closer and connected to the new ways of society. We manage to create new opportunities for business, always advising each type of company in particular.