Store Design: Point-of-Sale Design and Creativity to Encourage Purchases

90% of the information captured by our brain is visual, so visual merchandising at the point of sale is an essential marketing strategy when it comes to offering our products in a creative and attractive way. From colour, space, lighting, technology… we motivate our customers to make a purchase while also improving our brand’s image.

Creating a store design involves working on the visual impact of the point of sale, strengthening the branding and reinforcing the brand’s identity and image. One of the keys to impacting the customer at the point of sale is to work on the customer experience: create a shopping experience that makes us unique in order to increase sales. With the store design, we take into account the customer’s comfort and their needs, helping them to identify with the essence of the brand… We make the customer the protagonist at the point of sale.


Art, Psychology and Technology to Revolutionise your Store

Creativity to Awaken Emotions and Desire

The challenge of visual merchandising is to create the desire and need to acquire our products: we want our client to see the product, to want it and to buy it. Through art and creativity, we awaken the consumer’s emotions and peak their interest: we persuade them with a window display, we make them feel comfortable through the colour of the space, we attract them with our decoration, etc.

To creatively revolutionise a space in order to capture and attract the consumer’s attention at the point of sale requires us to know their needs and motivations.


Psychology to Encourage Purchases

“More than a third of sales are recorded as impulse purchases; in the case of supermarkets, this percentage reaches up to 54% of sales”, according to a Nielsen study from 2016. In addition, 70% of purchase decisions are made directly at the point of sale, meaning it is essential to know the consumer in order to motivate them to buy.

The store design takes into account several aspects of consumer psychology: what the consumer does during the purchase process, how they act when they see the brand or product, what they need, what motivates them, what their values and beliefs are…


Technology for the Best Shopping Experience

Both technological advances and society are pushing us to be at the forefront of trends and to integrate new technologies in order to digitise the point of sale. This will help us to create unique experiences, in addition to changing and facilitating the consumer’s life, providing added value that’ll change their role from customer to user.

We are currently in the digital age in an omnichannel environment, where the point of sale’s technological revolution is now a fact. The new purchasing paradigm means it essential that we know who are customer is.

Have you ever thought about converting your point of sale into a Store Design? Contact Evvo Retail in order to ensure that making a purchase in your space is a truly unique experience, unlike any other.