La revolució tecnològica de la logística en l’estratègia retail omnicanal

The Technological Revolution in Logistics in the Omnichannel Retail Strategy

We have lived through a time of accelerating trends. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about important changes and transformations in the consumer, who is increasingly reliant on the digital transformation, and has driven retail marketing towards an omnichannel model of coexistence between the online and offline.

Logistics and retail thus become investment opportunities and key parts of the omnichannel approach in an increasingly digital environment. In addition to this paradigm, there are additional changes in customer consumption habits that generate new logistics concepts such as, for example, picking up orders through lockers.

Knowing these needs and what the customer wants is essential for achieving an omnichannel approach in the retail strategy, as well as in logistics.

Logistics is part of the consumer’s shopping experience, and it is essential to design a storage, shipping and distribution process that takes all channels into account and adapts them to the customer. For example, one of the challenges may be to design the consumer’s personalised shopping experience, where the customer is the one who chooses when to collect the order, where and how.


The importance of technology in logistics and the Last Mile Delivery

The objective of Last Mile logistics is to deliver items as quickly and efficiently as possible, and in order to achieve an effective outcome, delivery quality is one of the key differentiating values for customer trust and loyalty.

The customer’s expectation is to have a shopping experience that allows them to receive their package quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

To guarantee consumer expectations when it comes to fast and inexpensive shipping, technology plays an essential role. The challenge is to obtain systems that can increase the volume of packages, speed up deliveries, offer the maximum guarantees and shipping quality, and surprise the customer by minimising costs.

The demanding consumer is after “instant” satisfaction and getting everything they want with the click of a mouse.

The customer wants to control their package and be quickly satisfied with its shipping. In fact, one of the benefits that technology offers us is the development of practices that become added value opportunities, such as tracking the location of the package in real time, as well as receiving notifications on the different shipping phases and controlling its arrival.


Robotics and automation for efficient logistics

Automation and robotics are the key to efficient logistics, in order to reduce processing costs and at the same time increase business revenue along with consumer satisfaction.

Optimising operations, integrating processes, forecasting the behaviour of demand, tracking deliveries, optimising inventories, customising notifications and offering the customer a different and unique shopping experience is the technological revolution in logistics that robotics and automation can provide us in retail.


Technology is the key to boosting retail and improving logistics, as well as achieving competitiveness, efficiency and differentiation. Contact Evvo Retail and rethink your strategy.