Retail stores, el repte per a la supervivència dels supermercats en el futur

Retail stores: the fight for supermarkets’ survival in the near future.

According to data from the CCR, 70% of internet users visit e-commerce sites but just 13% make a purchase online. Despite these figures, e-commerce is growing unstoppably and is gaining market share. Faced with this game-changer, supermarkets and conventional shops have two choices: evolve or die.

In this regard, retail marketing now has an important role to play at the point of sale in creating customer loyalty and trust through customer experience drives with projects such as SuperLab.


Are supermarkets reacting to the challenge posed by e-commerce?

According to Kantar Worldpanel 2017, most consumers trust supermarkets more than e-commerce, as shown by the fact that online food shopping in Spain makes up just 1.9% of the market. Whilst this figure is very low, it has grown exponentially over the years and continues to do so.

E-commerce is here to stay and offers some long-awaited benefits for consumers: comfort, as purchases can be made where and when the client wishes; quality and trust, backed up by technical certification and positive experiences that encourage repeat purchases; and fast delivery times.


Retail stores in creating shopping experiences

The key to survival lies in adapting to market conditions by integrating offline and online elements, and offering what the internet can’t. Consumers value the customer service they receive from shop workers at the point of sale, the presentation, the quality, and the innovation in the shop space and products, as well as the communication and safety information provided to them. However, supermarkets need to go above and beyond.

The aim is to give the point of sale the added value that e-commerce can’t offer, such as the customer experience. Supermarkets must create unique shopping experiences using personalisation, ethics and sustainability, and technology.

Shopping must become personalised to the needs, preferences, and characteristics of the consumer to allow for an interactive, exciting, and straightforward experience. Including technology will allow us to approach current omnichannel retailing whilst improving areas such as inventory management and other internal processes. This strategy will also contribute to energy saving and reducing packaging and unnecessary stock.


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