Retail marketing for providing a sense of safety in the point of sale

Retail marketing for providing a sense of safety in the point of sale

The impact of Covid-19 on retail and consumer habits has brought us to a highly emotionally charged situation, as our most basic needs in Maslow’s hierarchy are at stake: physiological and safety needs. Marketing retail offers the challenge of appealing to emotions and factoring in society’s values scales in the creation of settings where both clients and workers feel safe, protected, and at ease.

The point of sale has to adapt to the situation we are in and, now more than ever, retail marketing has to think differently and face the new situation strategically, creatively, and intelligently.

Building credibility and trust is an essential part of the new challenge for retail marketing.

Safety and sustainability in the point of sale

Consumers have become much more demanding on safety in the point of sale, as well as in the value they place on sustainability.

According to a recent study from the Capgemini Research Institute, 77% of consumers worldwide will be more cautious on issues of safety, health, and cleaning, a figure which stands at 84% in Spain. This tendency to value safety and sustainability is also evident when assessing the safety of products, alongside the trend towards consuming local and national products.

Consumers demand safe practices in both the point of sale and the final delivery of the product or service.

Psychology in the point of sale and the visual merchandising strategy are two essential factors in getting across the values consumers are looking for. Aside from all the safety and hygiene measures demanded by the health authorities, marketing retail also has to be used to create point of sale strategies to make it a structured, modern, supervised, and calm area.


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