Nous escenaris de futur i noves oportunitats retail: el moment de repensar-nos

New future scenarios and new retail opportunities: it’s time for a rethink

It’s time to give ourselves a rethink, to redefine ourselves and to rebuild ourselves. Rethinking, because it’s clear that the new experiences that were are living through are driving us towards a new lifestyle and a new vision of the present. Redefining, because we are living through a time that has shaken up our values and we need to reconsider who we are and what we can offer. And rebuilding, because the situation is forcing us to search for new future scenarios in order to move forward.

We need to be like chameleons: open to change, redefining strategies and rethinking our model.

Changing makes us better and it gives us strength, but it involves being critical and making an effort to adapt and to be flexible. Many of the models we were used to will no longer be of use in the near future, simply because the scenario has changed, and as a result we need to look for new approaches.

We need to be like chameleons, accepting reality and getting to work in order to adapt in the best possible way. It’s not only what’s outside that has changed, our values in society have changed too, along with our attitude and perspective, and our new buying habits or experiences, which have become a part of our life.


The challenges of retail marketing

In this regard, we are proposing three big challenges that have come about due to the current crisis which involve big progress for any retail marketing strategy:



Beyond the positive environmental impact, isolation has made us reassess and rethink about what is truly important: finding a better balance between the environment and the general evolution of the planet we live on.

Being aware of nature and its phenomena, both in physical and biological terms, rediscovering a new world and reconsidering our position in it. Retail marketing has the challenge of incorporating this perspective into its strategy.



The present has given back the value placed on basic essentials at the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: safety, both physical and in terms of health, morale, resources, work… Trust is key after this turmoil, and we need to guarantee it with aspects such as, ensuring health and safety conditions, as well as also providing up-to-date information about healthcare protocols, for example.


Digitalisation and technology.

This new situation has pushed us towards technology and a change in consumer buying habits. In this sense, the world of retail is facing an evolutionary challenge towards a digital future, and an impetus towards automation and digitalisation.


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