L'accessibilitat com a compromís del màrqueting retail

Accessibility as a commitment in retail marketing

They say that things which move us or give us surprising and pleasing experiences are hard to forget. Focusing on the needs of the actual consumer and being aware of their diversity makes all the difference. In the age of information overload and push marketing strategies, creating inclusive and accessible spaces, in addition to being socially valuable, is a great opportunity to make the client feel special.

In this regard, accessible marketing, or even better, inclusive marketing arises to address consumers with a range of abilities and disabilities beyond conventional profiles. This is a sales concept that views accessibility as a fundamental part of the consumer experience so as to full satisfy clients and move forward in the caring evolution of companies.

Accessibility as a pillar of retail marketing: creating companies aware of and committed to society and all its nuances.

Accessibility is a highly important concept in humanising companies and their relationship with society through ethical, responsible, and understanding practices. Retail marketing has the ability to create spaces where people with functional diversity can better advance and contribute to a more inclusive world.

Did you know that in Spain 9% of the population (3.5 million people) have some form of disability, yet it is still one of the countries with the lowest rates of labour market integration in the European Union?

Inclusive marketing and accessible marketing

Companies can make the world a better place. The utopia of a society accessible to all, free from accessibility barriers or limits is possible.  Inclusive and accessible marketing aims to humanise companies and put diverse consumer profiles at the heart of marketing strategies.

The challenge: create fully aware and committed companies adapted to a plural society whilst making a positive impact through strategic and creative thinking in marketing.

The difference in the two terms stems from when the strategy is applied. Whilst inclusive marketing primarily focuses on the market, considering all the different physical, sensory, dietary, and cognitive abilities and needs of clients, accessible marketing adapts a product or service already on offer by “repurposing it” so that it can also be used by consumers with different abilities.


Accessibility certification

Accessibility also represents significant added value which in recent years has been recognised by AIS international accessibility certification.

Being committed to accessibility means creating safe and comfortable spaces suitable for all clients that are validated and certified by AIS certification, based on AIS Standard: 1/2018. This is an important guarantee towards building customer loyalty, preventing risks, and being a socially responsible company.


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