2018 Retail Marketing Trends

The retail sector will face new challenges in 2018, the year of retail marketing.  Consumer’s shopping experience at the point of sale is in constant innovation, and being at the forefront of new trends in this type of strategic marketing is essential.

Creating a pleasant environment that exudes the brand, comfortable and close to the consumer is not enough when it comes to establishing a retail strategy.

During 2018, companies will have three major challenges: Omnicality, the redesign of the shopping experience taking into account technological advances and hyperconnectivity, and data analytics.

As explained in our last article “Retail Marketing and the on-line presence in an omnichannel world”, in a multiconnected world, omnicality takes over to rule and become essential; customers decide where, when and how to buy.

The key to 2018 will be to master all online and offline channels so that customers can find us at any point in their decision process. To achieve this, retail intelligence, the study of consumer behaviour and real-time interaction with them will take over based on their behaviour.

Through retail intelligence, we can offer more personalised shopping experiences and thus increase the effectiveness of the point of sale. The digitalisation of the space will be much more relevant, like for example, to use sensors that capture the consumer’s profile, facial detection, product visits counts, etc.

Redesigning the experience will, therefore, be essential. New on-off models, online customer identification to take them offline, or smarts stores, will force businesses to walk toward digital transformation, approaching the brand to the consumer based on digital experiences such as virtual reality.  In this sense, technology is now more than ever introduced to improve customer interaction with mechanisms such as chatbots, which provide functionality to consumer’s location, welcome them and send them register-your-profile messages, offer them personalised promotions, recommendations, among others.

Data analytics will also become very crucial to be able to define strategies. Through different tools for the creation and management of the client’s profile, their behaviour will be analysed in order to create personalised and differentiated shopping experiences.

Thus, 2018 anticipates a great path towards retail hyperconnectivity to draw customer’s attention in an increasingly competitive and constantly innovating society, and offer an enriching and unique shopping experience.

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