Visual merchandising en el punto de venta

The impact of visual merchandising at the point of sale

Differentiation and creativity are the brands’ big challenges in retail marketing. Transmitting emotions through our image, attracting the customer’s attention at a glance and finally motivating them into action in a pleasant environment is what will make our brand to be the chosen one. Visual merchandising is the “strategy of retail marketing” that seeks to stimulate the aesthetics of the point of sale to generate unique sensations and maximise sales.

The great importance of visual merchandising in a sales strategy is that it is closely linked to the brand’s branding because it conveys its style and philosophy. The main objective is to improve the customer’s custom experience at the point of sale and built loyalty by making them feel comfortable in a unique atmosphere.

The perfect atmosphere where to have a better shopping experience

The well-kept appearance and uniqueness of the point of sale begin with the shop windows, which are essential in order to persuade and attract attention at a glance. Although the impact starts externally, these are not everything, and we must be consistent with the rest of the elements of the shopping process. In this regard, it is essential to have a good content strategy implying an omnichannel reality and taking into account all the channels travelled by customers during their custom experience.

Visual merchandising is reflected in space lighting, signposting, the tone of messages, colours, packaging, product presentation, the uniforms of the employees, unexpected gifts, pleasant surprises…  The key is to create storytelling at the point of sale that will turn the establishment into a concept, generating an atmosphere where brand values are inhaled, through which customers will enjoy an exciting and unique shopping experience.

The essence of the company at the point of sale

Transmitting the company’s personality through aspects that can make our customer stop by and enter our shop will also help us to strengthen the image of our brand. Visual merchandising will allow us to be at the consumer’s top of mind through topics linked to products and promotions, increasing sales at the same time.

However, to spot on the best strategy, knowing our company, product and customer is essential. At Evvo Retail we design, develop and implement your visual merchandising strategy to impact and retain your customers, in a unique point of sale.

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