How Geomarketing can benefit your retail marketing strategy

The evolution and transformation of retail marketing leads us to creative options that require being at the forefront of the latest trends, and therefore, to take advantage of new technological advances in order to rethink the retail strategy as well as creating unique points of sale.

One of the actions resulting from digital transformation is smart location through geolocation, with the aim of adapting the retail strategy to the customer’s needs, desires and expectations. How could you let the volume of data that the user gives you every time he/she passes through your point of sale get away?

With geomarketing, we obtain information on the most visited points of sale by customers, how often and when precisely they make purchases and, the location of the competition and the target audience… It allows us to outline or redirect our business’ marketing strategy, strengthening the sales and loyalty strategy. All the data volume we obtain allows us to:

  • Identify the tactical points for strategic locations
  • Analyse the market and the competition
  • Obtain information on the purchasing habits of our target audience


Smart location as a sales strategy

Through the data on consumer purchasing habits, on the products or services they are interested in or how often they make purchases, we can optimise the profitability of our point of sale and improve the customer’s purchasing experience.

The coming together of positioning and marketing allows you to create strategies based on the location of the point of sale, customers, the competition, as well as detecting the areas where demand is highest for different types of products and services… and therefore, offer what the customer needs, instill customer loyalty and attract potential customers.


Geomarketing for building loyalty

We can improve customer loyalty by customising services, offering a wider range of products, improving the layout of the point of sale, offering discount vouchers or special offers, having original themes etc.

The key is knowing how to locate the buyer at all times, as well as knowing their customer journey, in order to create effective strategies that reward customer loyalty for their commitment to the point of sale.

Increase the efficiency of promotional marketing actions, improve your business strategy and expand your brand. Start using geomarketing as part of your point of sale’s retail strategy.


Image: © Nesa by Makers