Green retail

Green retail: environmental sustainability and commitment at the point of sale

Insisting that the future of retail marketing means adapting to trends, society and opportunities is nothing new—it’s the key to success for companies that use strategic marketing at the point of sale.

Green retail has sprung from the ever-greater importance of environmental commitment and represents an opportunity not only to introduce eco-friendly practices at the point of sale, but also to connect with the most environmentally-aware customers. At the same time, it allows us to strengthen our brand’s corporate social responsibility, as we can show ourselves to be socially committed and stand out from our competitors, boosting the viability and competitiveness of our business thanks to enhanced efficiency.


The future trend in retail

Green retail should be seen as a way to renew ourselves and introduce a new sales concept into our company, in line with an ever-stronger emphasis on environmental commitment. It involves a change of mindset, but it is a safe bet, as it responds to a need as well as being a positive added value for brand positioning. However, it doesn’t just mean being an eco-friendly brand, but also implementing responsible practices at the point of sale.

Turning traditional points of sale into green stores will give your company a competitive marketing advantage, as the products and the places where they are sold will convey quality, safety, trust and prestige.


Sustainability as a corporate value

Turning the point of sale into an environmentally responsible space is very simple to achieve and offers long-term benefits. Some practices that can be implemented to boost a company’s eco-friendly profile are:

  • Install efficient lighting, to reduce costs while also optimising energy use at the point of sale.
  • Use shelves and displays made with recycled or natural materials such as wood. As well as putting across the right image, you are using more recyclable material.
  • Include greenery. This doesn’t just improve the decoration; indoor plants will also improve the air quality at the point of sale.
  • Reduce packaging. As well as contributing to the environment, this will allow you to save on unnecessary materials.

In addition to these, there are a whole range of other practices to add value and quality at the point of sale while reducing the impact on society.

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