Marketing ètic i sostenible, l'essència d'Evvo Retail

Ethical, sustainable marketing with an eye to the future. The essence of Evvo Retail

Socially responsible marketing, which generates an impact on the environment by addressing real social needs with ethical, useful solutions that focus, not only on company profits, but on the environment as well, such as workers, customers, suppliers and the community; is both necessary and possible.

Companies are social agents and, as such, are part of society and the environment. Commitment to the common good is part of their responsibility due to the economic, social and environmental impact they have on the world around them.

“Behaviour defines the brand more than marketing”

More than just a trend, ethical and sustainable marketing is a business philosophy that involves a way of doing things with an eye to the future. In this regard, knowledge and sustainable development reinforce the foundations of technological progress, globalisation and computerisation.


Sustainability, Technology and accessibility, pillars of the society of the future

At Evvo Retail, we view retail marketing as a tool for improving people’s quality of life, and as a way of achieving committed and socially responsible companies.

We promote and foster the transformation of brands through sustainability, accessibility and technological innovation, to jointly build a more sustainable, humane and ethical society.

At Evvo Retail, we promote brands with values, with the aim of generating a positive social impact.

Research and sustainable innovation, based on the use of technology as the main tool, is the basis of our work methodology. At Evvo Retail, our work revolves around constant market research, in the areas of both design and technological innovation, in order to rethink models and act differently so that brands can generate a positive impact focused on the user and the environment.


Doing much more than simply transmitting a message of social responsibility, at Evvo Retail, we work to improve the society we live in through real actions, using marketing and technology to communicate the values and benefits that come with social awareness.

Discover how you can refocus your retail marketing strategy with an eye to the future.