Design thinking. Creative innovation to transform the point of sale

The product you sell no longer matters, but rather the experience and excitement you give your clients. The experience economy, higher client expectations, and the fast growth of technology force retail marketing to constantly evolve and look for new models to reach targets.

Understanding people, their needs and motivations, and how they act in given situations is key to finding new business opportunities. This is where Design Thinking comes into play. This is a creative process of strategic innovation whereby knowledge of the needs of people is used to formulate product and services offers.


Design Thinking stages in the transformation of the point of sale

The client and his/her curiosity lie at the heart of strategy in retail marketing Design Thinking. This must involve creative thinking to constantly devise new solutions to common issues and create new and unique shopping experiences.

1. Empathy and information

The aim of the first stage is to put ourselves in the position of the shopper in order to analyse all his/her motivations, concerns, and needs so as to be able to offer satisfying solutions. This is the information gathering stage. Strategic value is given to retail marketing by studying the most important aspects.

2. Concept and idea

The creative stage creates opportunities using the information gathered. This is the time when the options, different possibilities, and creative ideas that will lead to the final concept are drawn up. We take into consideration all the information gathered in the first stage to create a fresh, powerful, unique concept.

3. Project

We mould the concept into a project. Using the different ideas from the earlier stages and the final concept, we design a powerful and innovative retail marketing project for the point of sale. In this area, we draw on new technology to create forward-looking spaces.

4. Pilot

In this stage we check that the project is functional by using a prototype which we fine tune as well as troubleshooting any problems that may come up and finding new opportunities for success.


At EVVO Retail we believe in mobilized retail marketing which is relevant and unique. Contact us if you have thought about rethinking and revolutionizing your point of sale.


Image: Tim Mossholder