Retail Marketing and the on-line presence in an omnichannel world

In Retail Marketing, establishing a strategy for the product placement, messages and experiences in the point of sale is essential, but in a digital age, the omnichannel world becomes an essential one.

We must know all the channels covered by the customer during its buying experience. Knowing how he acts, what channels he visits or knowing what he needs in decision making is essential for our sales concept. It is vital that to organize the content and to make it attractive, we have to achieve the maximum interaction with the customer.

It is essential to admit that we are in an omnichannel situation, where we recognize that the customer does not realize an only sales channel, because he advances in its purchase process wherever it is: he can be interested by a product watching TV, become convinced seeing it in a point of sale and purchase it online.

In this digital age, points of sale must consider the new sales paradigm, and knowing the costumer behaviour as something necessary. We are in a situation where it is essential to establish an omnichannel strategy, that establishes the tools to attract and to gain the loyalty of customers across a dynamic communication that encourages the interaction.

The costumer is the central point of this strategy: he decides how and by what channel he buys. For this reason, it is essential to be in the digital world, beginning with the location of our shop in Google My Business.

By Google My Business platform, we obtain visibility and on-line presence; we locate our point of sale and make it visible in the digital world. Also, we can add updated and available information, like 360º photos of our point of sale, our working hours, and so on. In addition, it allows the costumers prescription, by the evaluation of its experience with reviews.

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Image: Alejandro Escamilla