Why do you need a good retail marketing strategy?

Why do you need a good retail marketing strategy?

More than 80% of consumers make purchasing decisions at the point of sale; this is because we don’t just buy products or services, we buy perceptions, trust and happiness. In a globalised world with numerous companies, intense pricing competition and a society suffering from information overload and hyperconnectivity, the paradigm of sales has shifted to put greater emphasis on the customer’s perception and good market positioning.

Our main objective shouldn’t just be to sell, but also to make our customer happy, because maybe they won’t buy from us today, but they will tomorrow. It has been proven that happiness sells more, so we need to work on building relationships, of which selling is a consequence, but earning our customers’ trust is the result.

Retail marketing aims to focus the brand on the customer, and its utmost goal is to satisfy customers by having a good presence and being accessible at the point of sale, which creates loyalty. We want to create an unforgettable purchasing experience, trigger lasting sensations of the brand and make the customer feel like they are playing the lead role in their purchasing process.

Advantages and opportunities of retail marketing

A good retail marketing strategy stimulates all 5 of the customer’s senses throughout the whole purchasing process: we work on recognising needs; we stimulate them to awaken in them the desire to satisfy their needs; we work on becoming their chosen alternative when they assess their possibilities; we impinge on their purchasing decision, and; once they have already bought from us, we make them loyal to us so that they will do it again and recommend us.

Retail marketing also enables us to improve communication between the different agents involved in the sales process. We do this by humanising the company, thus improving our relationship with our customers through credibility and brand trust.

By giving meaning to all aspects of the point of sale, such as the image, the messages involved in the purchasing process, the colours, the furniture we use, the support we give and how we give it, the staff’s clothing, etc. – all of this allows us to create positive moments and provide an experience that makes an impression on the customer’s mind, making it difficult for them to stop thinking about us and not to consider us as their first option.

Retail marketing gives us various ways in which we can attract our target market’s attention: from telling a story and conveying the brand’s company culture at the point of sale, as we explained in The trend of storytelling in retail marketing, to the new possibilities afforded by the digitisation phenomenon, and many other possibilities provided to us by strategic marketing.

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Photography: Kaylah Otto.