This is how Blockchain will transform retail marketing

This is how Blockchain will transform retail marketing

Retail marketing aimed at unknown, anonymous customers is a thing of the past; consumers now expect a connected, omnichannel, and personalised shopping experience. This new state of affairs us means we have to rethink retail by taking into consideration the latest trends in retail marketing and how they can help us to improve our interaction with our clients and give them a unique shopping experience.

Blockchain technology is designed to transmit digital data securely, via highly sophisticated cryptography, and has become a global trend.  It is a series of databases connected by a communications network which offers a lot of opportunities for the retail sector.

The customer expects personalised shopping which goes beyond someone merely selling a product but rather includes advice on what he/she needs and what is best for him/her. The introduction of this new system is shaking up the point of sale, as it gives access to customer preferences and motivations which can be used to offer him/her personalised service.

What can Blockchain bring to retail marketing?

The main benefit that Blockchain gives us is hyper-personalisation. This allows us to understand customer needs and offer solutions tailored to those needs. It can be applied in a number of ways, such as, for example, biometric systems which can recognise a client and his/her physical characteristics, to offer unique, personalised service.

This technology also allows us to set up changing physical spaces, which far from being static, target the client according to his/her preferences. For example, by using flexible, surprising spaces featuring screens and interactive panels.

In supermarkets Blockchain provides us with a very interesting opportunity in terms of customer trust and loyalty. Blockchain can be used with products at the point of sale to offer extensive information on products and premium lines. Therefore, we can use a QR code, for example, to give the customer information about how the product was made, where its ingredients are from, and how it was produced, and much more. This will offer the consumer the highest level of transparency and food safety from the brand.

Finally, Blockchain improves our interaction with our clients and promotes multidirectional communication. Using this technology we can ask customers for their opinion and carry out surveys, create ratings, and, for example, turn these into points and discounts to encourage participation.

Technology is changing the retail sector and is set to continue doing so. Contact Evvo Retail if you want to make the most of all the opportunities technology gives you to boost your company’s retail marketing.