The trend of storytelling in retail marketing

The trend of storytelling in retail marketing

Stories move the world, and that is why they are a trend in retail marketing.

Based on telling stories with an impact on the consumer’s mind, storytelling is one of the most powerful strategies in strategic marketing.

The use of stories in retail marketing helps us convince the client to choose our products while keeping them at the top of their preferences. With this technique, we can connect people by generating emotions and experiences that capture the attention of the consumer in an environment of great media noise and poisoning.

Storytelling has a strong communicative power through which our target is capable of empathizing, identifying and connecting with the emotions that are being transmitted. This way, the messages that we want to share are much more persuasive and capable of generating a lasting emotional bond.

Retail marketing demands a good strategy for creativity at the point of sale in accordance with the thread that we establish. Knowing how we will convey the story, which channels we will use to amaze our consumers and how we will distribute our message at the point of sale are key aspects to position ourselves in the consumer’s mind.

In addition, the trend of storytelling is also related to the omnichannel which we mentioned in our last post Retail Marketing and online presence in an omnichannel world“.  The stories that we explain through this marketing strategy are much more effective if we segment them into different media and formats, taking into account the omnichannel world. Therefore, it is important that our message is adapted to digital and traditional platforms, as well as to the point of sale itself.

Another factor allowing storytelling is the differentiation through emotions. Explaining stories is one of the best ways to make our potential client remember us, therefore, when establishing our strategy, it is important to determine our identifying aspects and values.

At Evvo Retail we also like stories and to hear them from you. Contact us and tell us yours 😉 


Image: Mike Erskine