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EVVO is a retail innovation company, specialised in the world of supermarkets. We have a research laboratory for exploring new commercial formats of the future, as services to our customers. With its head office in Igualada, Barcelona, EVVO was set up at the start of the 90s and in 2000 we started specialising in the world of retail. EVVO operates in Spain, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates and has worked for companies such as Plusfresc, Spar, E. Leclerc, LULU Hypermercats, Valentine or Petrocat. Our work methodology is based on continuously researching all information related to the market, whether in design and technological innovation, in user behaviour and purchasing habits, as well as current trends and their projection. We analyse this information and draw conclusions that allow us to define future hypotheses, which we validate and confirm over time.

We understand that, with our work, we can improve people’s lives through daily shopping and we have incorporated this concept as the basis of our work.

Prepared to achieve new challenges and turn them into good results.

Evvo Team

We love what we do and get involved in each project in an honest way, as well as in the relationship with our clients.

At the beginning of each project we have no predetermined idea or a work style that identifies our work. We are at the service of each new challenge and consistently follow its own needs and constraints, as well as from the point of view of the end consumer and the requirements of each geographical area.

We work in phases and share the results of each analysis with the management teams. We take decisions jointly and severally that help us achieve the objectives and results foreseen.


“It is through our day-to-day activity that we can contribute to a better society”



Specialist in strategic, conceptual and retail marketing, with extensive experience in supermarkets. Enthusiastic about his work and all activities that invigorate. His hobby is participating in castells (teams that build human towers)¬†and is involved in different social organisations. He has visited more than 30 countries and their cities: from Tokyo to Rio, from Antananarivo in Copenhagen and from New York to Hong Kong… which gives him a broad global vision. Throughout his career he has achieved recognition at the New York Festivals, European Design Awards, Cannes Lions, Laus, Anuaria, Lletra… but, as he says, it is not what we have done that is important, but what we will do.


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