SuperLab, the smart supermarket of the future

SuperLab, the smart supermarket of the future

At Evvo Retail we are looking to the future with an innovative proposal for a smart supermarket that will change and improve how we shop. SuperLab is the future of point-of-sale, and part of the improvement of the customer experience through the introduction of new technologies and environmental commitment from green retail supermarkets, uniting the concepts of physical and online stores.

SuperLab is built on three key concepts: 100% personalised attention, the use of innovation and technology and ethical sourcing.

► A supermarket tailored to each customer

SuperLab seamlessly integrates the customer experience at the point of sale. Challenging the concept of self-service used in traditional supermarkets, this new point of sale designed by Evvo Retail and Porcelanosa is based on the personalisation of the purchase process for each customer. According to Pep Valls, SuperLab is “a supermarket where people listen to you and will advise you based on your needs, in the food sector for example, by giving nutritional information about possible intolerances”.

► Technological innovation at the point of sale

The new SuperLab project incorporates new digitalisation technologies into the various commercial spaces to create unique experiences that facilitate and give meaning to the consumer’s purchases.

Through technological innovation, the new supermarket paradigm aims to strategically manage customer data to customise their various profiles and provide an important added value to their purchases.

In this regard, it takes into account the Omnicanal concept, to promote user interaction through functions like programming the periodic receipt of shopping, home stock management, the delivery of recommendations based on necessity, etc.

► Sustainability and ethical commitment at the point of sale

SuperLab is the opportunity to introduce practical green retail at point of sale, at all levels. It keeps in mind the commitment to product/packaging sustainability; management of minimum stock and the disappearance of large shelves of products to reduce waste, the promotion of biodynamic agriculture, and so on. It also takes into account sustainability at the facilities themselves, through re-use, recycling and ecological and renewable energy and supplies.

According to Pep Valls, SuperLab aims to “create an attractive experience through its spaces and products, while also ensuring that the client has a good time”. The continuing research in the sector and technological innovation, the study of consumers’ shopping behaviour and habits and the analysis of the most important retail trends, has led to the development of SuperLab, the supermarket of the future from Evvo Retail and Porcelanosa.

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Photography. Anna Costa.