Going Back to Basics for a Successful Point of Sale

Going Back to Basics for a Successful Point of Sale

The fact that 84% of shoppers make more than half of their purchases at physical stores is very good news for retail, a figure that is in contrast to the 70% of shoppers who have reported a negative experience during the last 6 months, according to a study by ServiceChannel.

The agency conducted a study on the main reasons why shoppers do not return to brick-and-mortar stores, through which it has detected that the main problem is that many retailers have abandoned the basics that matter most to consumers: smart retail marketing strategies are needed that view the physical retail store as the key element.

Smart retail is one that considers the shopping experience at the point of sale, from the most basic issues to the most innovative.

18% of consumers think that brands offer a good shopping experience, a very alarming figure considering that many claim to have experienced unpleasant in-store situations such as untidy shelves, dirty bathrooms, burned out light bulbs, etc.

The most important customer experience at the point of sale is shopping.

When retailers offer great in-store shopping experiences, shoppers spend more time buying, they buy more, they come back more often and they think more favourably about the brand. Smart retailers view the physical location as a sales strategy worth researching and promoting.

What keeps a shopper coming back is their shopping experience. The customer wants to touch, try-on and take home purchases immediately, and this is an important point to consider when faced with the rise in e-commerce. If the brick-and-mortar store does not satisfy the main wishes of the buyer, no other interactive marketing or entertainment tool will make them loyal.

The key is not to do sterile actions, but to define a strategy with logic, and to do it well. Taking into account the needs of customers and, at the same time, including an innovative component to set ourselves apart is essential when it comes to making our point of sale unique.

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