Eco-friendly brands and retail marketing

Eco-friendly brands and retail marketing

Climate change, the turmoil created by fires like the current one in the Amazon, consumerism, the generation of non-recyclable waste has pricked the conscience of the world and the actual mentality of consumers. This is so much so that according to the latest research by GlobalWebIndex, 57% of consumers would choose sustainable brands despite them them being more expensive, whilst 61% of users would choose a different brand if they discovered that it wasn’t eco-friendly.

Consumers are becoming more and more socially aware. They are looking for and sharing information about brands they trust and buy and that’s why it’s essential for them to work on conveying their involvement and reinforce their social responsibility.


Eco-friendly retail marketing

We are facing a huge environmental threat which not only affects the work of brand image in the presence of a worried society, but also the implementation of a business’ management model itself.

The aim of sustainable marketing is to make companies more human and aware, granting them the responsibility of generating a positive impact on the environment and people. As we stated in the last article about green retail, sustainability is both the present and the future and it must be a business value that engages society.

There are lots of big brands that have wanted to be a part of this eco-friendly trend. Environmental and eco-friendly awareness and marketing retail is about taking measures and basic action to reduce the environmental impact, like, for example, through the use of materials and equipment that does it no harm, reducing the consumption of plastics and packaging, improving accessibility, digitalising and avoiding any non-essential waste, amongst others.

Meanwhile we also ensure that our brand speaks out amongst society, reminding the consumer of the importance of having a social conscience. Coherence between our brand’s actions and the messages that we convey to the consumer is rudimentary throughout the purchasing process.


Differentiation for retailers

We need to do it right and make it known, and this has to be the key to marketing retail differentiation. The figures don’t lie and it is true that there has been an increase in the consumption of eco-friendly products as well as those with health benefits.

The work of marketing retail is to identify a consumer’s worries and what interests and identifies them in order to satisfy their needs, offering them what they want at the point of sale and across all the channels that they are in contact with, whilst considering the brand’s multi-channel presence.


Have you thought about promoting environmental awareness? Your company is part of this society and innovation and engagement are essential for socially distinguishing and involving it. Get in contact with Evvo Retail.