Customer experience and the personalization of the point of sale

Customer experience and the personalization of the point of sale

The point of sale in retail marketing is one of the key moments to add value and deal with the brand’s branding. Surprising and creating the best shopping experience must be one of the essential aspects to be considered in marketing media planning, rather than taking the point of sale only as a point of distribution.

Brand values are the essence that a company wishes to convey about itself and the perception expected from the customer.  Determining them is essential to be able to generate messages and all the aspects that connect companies and users, creating emotions and experiences, either inside or outside the point of sale.

The future of retail is based on customer experience and the personalization of the point of sale; two new paradigms within strategic marketing as we discussed in the article regarding the 4 “Rs” of Retail Marketing. In order to make him feel comfortable, the point of sale must connect the brand to what generates an interest in the consumer and to those things to which he relates, moving him and encouraging him to make a purchase, after having enjoyed the best shopping experience.

Applying retail branding at the point of sale is crucial for creating perceptions and emotions in the consumer and at the same for making those emotions stay in his mind. Controlling consumer perception about our brand at the point of sale is essential since it must inspire the values of the company and it should remind the customer where he is once he reaches the point of sale. Redesigning the shopping experience is essential and is one of the most important trends during 2018.

Creativity at the point of sale is the key to attract attention and establish these emotional links with the brand. Brand value can be transmitted in many ways, from the distribution of physical elements to messages and interior design. Any item located or not at the point of sale is communicating and transmitting something: from typographies to a chair style, or from bad signalling to a gift. Likewise, techniques may also be implemented to enhance brand value and make users perceive the values we want to convey, such as through audiomarketing, fragrance marketing, artificial intelligence, etc.

By improving all these aspects, we create an emotional bond with the brand and be the best option for our customer.  Our perception of the point of sale or brand is stored in the form of emotions and experiences and is the best way to persuade customers.


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