Computer vision in the future (and present) of retail marketing

Computer vision in the future (and present) of retail marketing

Artificial intelligence will be the technology with the biggest uptake in retail marketing over the next few years. Almost imperceptibly, AI has become part of our lives and has made us much more demanding and accustomed to personalised, instant services and products.Many companies collect large amounts of data from their clients, but perhaps not all of them are relevant.Data quality is the key. Accordingly, it is essential they are collected in line with a marketing strategy that makes them useful and manages to add value for the client.

Brands have to be more proactive than ever and artificial intelligence has come at a time when companies have to stay ahead of consumer behaviour and complete their digital transformation. Only the companies that manage to influence and wow users will build client trust and loyalty. Do you want to be one of them?

How computer vision will drive your retail marketing strategy

Companies that commit to an A.I. led digital transformation as well as focusing on innovation are set to reap many rewards in automation, personalisation, and advanced analytics which will drive forward their marketing strategy.

The possibilities are vast, from facial recognition, user tracking, virtual assistants and chatbots to digital signage and smart KPIs…

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