2023 Mar/29th

Sustainable Retail Marketing, Customer-Centric and New Technologies at EuroShop 2023

Evvo Retail has participated in one of the most prestigious fairs in the retail sector, EuroShop 2023. Keeping up with the latest trends in retail marketing allows us to continue offering solutions of the future, at the forefront of new strategies at the point of sale.  A customer-centric vision, sustainability and phygital experiences, key trends [...]

   2022 Dec/30th

Retail Marketing and Functional Diversity: Innovation for Happier Buyers

Two of the aspects that have marked the success of many marketing campaigns in recent times have been, on the one hand, differentiation through innovation and, on the other, customer-centric strategies. Goal: To make our customer happier at our point of sale, and at the same time more loyal to our brand, to retain them. [...]

   2022 Sep/27th

The phygital store: the connection between online and offline environments.

In today’s world in which people live both in a physical and digital space, through their phones or computer screens, we can no longer imagine our day to day without the combination of both spaces.     Until now, companies have also been creating their presence in the digital field given the social trend of being more [...]

   2022 Jul/14th

The hyperphysical store. Street trading is still alive.

The effect of the pandemic on the retail world has caused a reaction that has led to the creation of the hyperphysical store.   Little by little, buyers are recovering their pre-pandemic habits and once again sharing small spaces with other people. With this trend in mind and going beyond experiential marketing, physical stores on [...]

   2022 May/9th

Retail design as a key to appealing to feelings and emotions at the point of sale

The market is calling out for points of sale in virtually all industries that deliver differential values that go beyond just the products sold there, to the point of appealing to feelings and emotions that improve the user experience while increasing brand awareness. Retail Design is the discipline that works on appealing to these emotional [...]

   2022 Feb/28th

Experiential retail creates close ties with the customer in their daily purchases

Consumers are increasingly drawn to shops where “things happens”.     While traditional stores still have their own audience, consumers tend to feel more attracted to points of sale where they create emotional and sentimental ties. Points of sale will achieve this goal by implementing experiential retail actions.     This way of connecting the [...]

   2021 Dec/22nd

Ethical retail marketing: a commitment to people and the environment

The end of the year is a time to take stock of achievements and set new goals and objectives before seeing in a new year brimming with opportunities. However, for Evvo Retail, the commitment is now and always, or never; that’s why the essence of our project is ethical retail marketing, to foster people-centred companies, [...]

   2021 Nov/29th

Personalisation of the Shopping Experience With an Omnichannel Strategy

Placing greater value on the customer’s experience rather than the product has become one of the biggest trends in retail marketing in recent years. The customer is increasingly knowledgeable and wants to feel like they are at the heart of the company in which they place their trust, and, as such, improving the customer experience [...]