Contextual marketing for hyper-segmentation

Understanding your client is the key to good marketing, just as it is key for your point of sale retail strategy. This is where contextual marketing comes into play. This technique takes into account the real-time collection of consumer data by factoring in the exact context and emotion that drove the consumer to make a purchase in order to offer the right client exactly what they need in a personalised format.

Contextual marketing is a big opportunity for retail as it aims to give the consumer exactly what they want before they even realise they need it. Predictive marketing is made possible using the ability of big data to create very narrow audience segments.


Hyper-segmentation for hyper-connected users

Consumers are changeable, just like their surroundings, so they have to be constantly analysed to identify their habits and needs. In the age of connectivity, consumers can interact with brands in many different ways. This is a big opportunity for companies to make use of all the information that big data provides to create highly segmented marketing campaigns.

Fully profiling consumer traits will allow us to better improve emotional bonds with them and manage to:

  • Increase sales
  • Boost competitiveness
  • Predict client behaviour
  • Build greater customer loyalty


From the hyper-segmentation of the online shop to the bricks and mortar shop

Segmenting shoppers in real time in online shops is simple with relevant offers based on purchase frequency, location and so on. However, it is also important that we bring this hyper-segmentation to the bricks and mortar shops. At the point of sale, we can segment by consumer habits through the use of technology such as geolocation, information searches, and so on.

In retail, there is no distinction between the online and offline shop, or there shouldn’t be. In an omnichannel world we cannot make distinctions between where the purchase process ends. Rather, we have to understand all the channels as a whole.

The client will make a purchase when they have made their decision, after considering the personalisation and quality of their shopping experience.


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