2018 Jan/26th

The 4 “R”s of Retail Marketing

The constant changes within the marketing world make it essential to continuously adapt and change one’s retail marketing strategy. Marketing strategy has had to incorporate various new elements such as a company’s sensitivity towards its customer so as to be able to cope with new situations. It is here that we find the four vital [...]

   2018 Jan/3rd

2018 Retail Marketing Trends

The retail sector will face new challenges in 2018, the year of retail marketing.  Consumer’s shopping experience at the point of sale is in constant innovation, and being at the forefront of new trends in this type of strategic marketing is essential. Creating a pleasant environment that exudes the brand, comfortable and close to the [...]

   2017 Dec/5th

The trend of storytelling in retail marketing

Stories move the world, and that is why they are a trend in retail marketing. Based on telling stories with an impact on the consumer’s mind, storytelling is one of the most powerful strategies in strategic marketing. The use of stories in retail marketing helps us convince the client to choose our products while keeping [...]

   2017 Nov/7th

Retail Marketing and the on-line presence in an omnichannel world

In Retail Marketing, establishing a strategy for the product placement, messages and experiences in the point of sale is essential, but in a digital age, the omnichannel world becomes an essential one. We must know all the channels covered by the customer during its buying experience. Knowing how he acts, what channels he visits or [...]