2019 Oct/8th

Shopper marketing or the art of turning buyers into customers

How do you convince shoppers at the point of sale? The inputs that the customer comes across before making the purchase decision at the point of sale are infinite: great variety of products, categories, models, sections,… as well as the points of sale themselves to choose from. Shopper marketing deals with taking into account all [...]

   2019 Aug/30th

Eco-friendly brands and retail marketing

Climate change, the turmoil created by fires like the current one in the Amazon, consumerism, the generation of non-recyclable waste has pricked the conscience of the world and the actual mentality of consumers. This is so much so that according to the latest research by GlobalWebIndex, 57% of consumers would choose sustainable brands despite them [...]

   2019 Jul/15th

Emotional retail marketing, or how to become a top-of-mind brand

Did you know that 90% of customer purchase decisions are taken unconsciously? There are three basic aspects to any consumer decision-making process: rational, emotional and instinctive, with the subconcious mind being responsible for making most of the decisions. Making a concerted effort to stimulate emotions at the point of sale is a key part of [...]

   2019 Jun/10th

Retail marketing in the food industry in a digital world

With the growth of ecommerce, food and supermarket products are still waiting in the line of online shopping. The transformation of food consumption is a tendency that sets e-commerce against traditional commerce. Are supermarkets adapted to the digital world? And are they able to compete in it? According to a study by Monash University in [...]

   2019 Jun/10th

Contextual marketing for hyper-segmentation

Understanding your client is the key to good marketing, just as it is key for your point of sale retail strategy. This is where contextual marketing comes into play. This technique takes into account the real-time collection of consumer data by factoring in the exact context and emotion that drove the consumer to make a [...]

   2019 Jun/10th

Logistics and Intelligent Distribution in the Era of Big Data

Tracking inventory and manual stock management is a cumbersome and unfeasible task for companies that want to be competitive. Successful management lies in the integration of new technologies for the automated localisation and administration of stock: the time for change has come. Connecting intelligent devices, used by consumers with analytics software, can generate data to [...]

   2019 Jun/10th

How Geomarketing can benefit your retail marketing strategy

The evolution and transformation of retail marketing leads us to creative options that require being at the forefront of the latest trends, and therefore, to take advantage of new technological advances in order to rethink the retail strategy as well as creating unique points of sale. One of the actions resulting from digital transformation is [...]

   2019 Jun/10th

2019: the year of technological innovation in the reinvention of the point of sale

Technology is the big challenge for the retail sector in 2019. This new year brings us new trends and innovation challenges which will enhance the digitalisation of strategic marketing and opportunities in the field of retail marketing. Being at the forefront of trends is essential in reinventing the point of sale, adding value to the [...]