2020 Mar/30th

Coronavirus and retail marketing: a challenge with a strategic solution

The exceptional restrictive opening measures on establishments after the legislative decree was passed on 15th March is having a significant impact on retail marketing. Buying habits have been forcibly changed due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and the big challenge for retail has become about suddenly adapting its strategy in order to keep [...]

   2020 Mar/6th

Neuromarketing and its impact on purchasing decisions

In a highly competitive market, technology and innovation are critical to differentiation and we need a good neuromarketing strategy to understand consumers and meet their needs and expectations. Using neuromarketing, retail marketing reveals what motivates clients to buy as the foundation for building strategies that lead them to making a purchase. Neuromarketing is a science [...]

   2020 Feb/7th

Accessibility as a commitment in retail marketing

They say that things which move us or give us surprising and pleasing experiences are hard to forget. Focusing on the needs of the actual consumer and being aware of their diversity makes all the difference. In the age of information overload and push marketing strategies, creating inclusive and accessible spaces, in addition to being [...]

   2019 Dec/30th

The 3 main challenges for retail in 2020

What should we take with us from this year in to 2020? What will the new decade hold in store? This is a time to set ourselves challenges that allow us to continue to evolve year after year, taking into account our values ​​and the evolution of our society. 2019 has shown us that, following [...]

   2019 Nov/27th

Circular Economy: Commitment to the Future in the Retail Sector

Our reality and future are subjected to the antagonism of the economic model we’ve arrived at: from “taking, using and throwing away” to “reducing, reusing and recycling”. Every year we throw more than 100 million tons of plastic into nature, which entails a rhythm of production and consumption that, if something doesn’t change, means in [...]

   2019 Oct/8th

Shopper marketing or the art of turning buyers into customers

How do you convince shoppers at the point of sale? The inputs that the customer comes across before making the purchase decision at the point of sale are infinite: great variety of products, categories, models, sections,… as well as the points of sale themselves to choose from. Shopper marketing deals with taking into account all [...]

   2019 Aug/30th

Eco-friendly brands and retail marketing

Climate change, the turmoil created by fires like the current one in the Amazon, consumerism, the generation of non-recyclable waste has pricked the conscience of the world and the actual mentality of consumers. This is so much so that according to the latest research by GlobalWebIndex, 57% of consumers would choose sustainable brands despite them [...]

   2019 Jul/15th

Emotional retail marketing, or how to become a top-of-mind brand

Did you know that 90% of customer purchase decisions are taken unconsciously? There are three basic aspects to any consumer decision-making process: rational, emotional and instinctive, with the subconcious mind being responsible for making most of the decisions. Making a concerted effort to stimulate emotions at the point of sale is a key part of [...]