2019 Jan/29th

How Geomarketing can benefit your retail marketing strategy

The evolution and transformation of retail marketing leads us to creative options that require being at the forefront of the latest trends, and therefore, to take advantage of new technological advances in order to rethink the retail strategy as well as creating unique points of sale. One of the actions resulting from digital transformation is [...]

   2019 Jan/8th

2019: the year of technological innovation in the reinvention of the point of sale

Technology is the big challenge for the retail sector in 2019. This new year brings us new trends and innovation challenges which will enhance the digitalisation of strategic marketing and opportunities in the field of retail marketing. Being at the forefront of trends is essential in reinventing the point of sale, adding value to the [...]

   2018 Dec/11th

Store Design: Point-of-Sale Design and Creativity to Encourage Purchases

90% of the information captured by our brain is visual, so visual merchandising at the point of sale is an essential marketing strategy when it comes to offering our products in a creative and attractive way. From colour, space, lighting, technology… we motivate our customers to make a purchase while also improving our brand’s image. [...]

   2018 Oct/30th

Design thinking. Creative innovation to transform the point of sale

The product you sell no longer matters, but rather the experience and excitement you give your clients. The experience economy, higher client expectations, and the fast growth of technology force retail marketing to constantly evolve and look for new models to reach targets. Understanding people, their needs and motivations, and how they act in given [...]

   2018 Sep/26th

This is how Blockchain will transform retail marketing

Retail marketing aimed at unknown, anonymous customers is a thing of the past; consumers now expect a connected, omnichannel, and personalised shopping experience. This new state of affairs us means we have to rethink retail by taking into consideration the latest trends in retail marketing and how they can help us to improve our interaction [...]

   2018 Aug/29th

Retail stores: the fight for supermarkets’ survival in the near future.

According to data from the CCR, 70% of internet users visit e-commerce sites but just 13% make a purchase online. Despite these figures, e-commerce is growing unstoppably and is gaining market share. Faced with this game-changer, supermarkets and conventional shops have two choices: evolve or die. In this regard, retail marketing now has an important [...]

   2018 Jul/20th

SuperLab, the smart supermarket of the future

At Evvo Retail we are looking to the future with an innovative proposal for a smart supermarket that will change and improve how we shop. SuperLab is the future of point-of-sale, and part of the improvement of the customer experience through the introduction of new technologies and environmental commitment from green retail supermarkets, uniting the [...]

   2018 Jun/25th

Green retail: environmental sustainability and commitment at the point of sale

Insisting that the future of retail marketing means adapting to trends, society and opportunities is nothing new—it’s the key to success for companies that use strategic marketing at the point of sale. Green retail has sprung from the ever-greater importance of environmental commitment and represents an opportunity not only to introduce eco-friendly practices at the [...]